Suburban Subterranian Fortress Home for sale: $259,900

"This tri-level house sits on top of a camouflaged 4-story deep Subterranean Fortress designed to handle virtually any disaster."
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Take back the Grammy!

Lip syncing at the funeral:

Chronically short of musicians for military funerals, the Pentagon has approved the use of a push-button bugle that plays taps by itself as the operator holds it to his lips.

Only some 500 buglers are on active duty on any one day, but about 1,800 people with military service die across the country each day and are eligible for honors ceremonies [...]

A member of the honor guard at the funeral simply presses a button on the device. A five-second delay gives the guards time to raise the instrument to their lips as if they are going to play it. [...]

A real bugler still will be used when available. Otherwise, the family of the deceased service member will be offered the ceremonial bugle as an alternative to prerecorded taps, often played on a boom box. [...] Use of the $500 instrument "is intended to enhance the dignity of military funeral honors," the Pentagon said. Also, it plays "an exceptionally high-quality rendition of taps that is virtually indistinguishable from a live bugler," the Pentagon said.

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tivo uhoh

Looks like my Tivo problems were not solved by allowing it to phone the mothership: it's back to being slow again.

I wonder if this means the disk is going bad... *sob*

Update: The Tivo is dead. Long live the Tivo.

I tried a bunch of things, and eventually did a "factory reset" to see if that would fix it (basically wiping the disk and starting over.) When reinitializing, it got stuck at 28% every time while "contacting satellite". I actually called tech support and they had me try a few other power-cycley voodoo tricks, but finally the guy said, "you're screwed, man. It's dead."

So I got a new one (series 2.) Maybe I'll recycle the old one as a kiosk for the club...

Apparently the USB ports on the new models aren't really used for anything; you can put an ethernet on it and will (soon) be able to use your Tivo to stream MP3s from a file server, but what good is that, really?

My agent inside the Tivo Collective tells me that getting a shell on a series 2 requires opening the case and mucking around, and isn't worth it anyway because there's not actually interesting you can do with it once you do.

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Camera pill

A revolutionary camera capsule that allows doctors to diagnose bowel problems more effectively is being made available to patients in Wales for the first time. [...] Capsule endoscopy lets doctors see clear images from inside the small bowel via a tiny camera contained in a tablet no bigger than a vitamin pill. [...]

Consultant Nimal Balaratman said the camera allowed them to explore bowel problems in new depth. "The whole area used to be a sort of black box for gastroentologists," he said. "Although we could investigate it using X-rays, we could never visualise it like one can see a video."

The patient swallows the £320 capsule, which has a colour camera and miniscule lights even though it measures only 11mm by 26mm. Pictures are then beamed twice a second to a small receiver worn by the patient via radio waves. About 40,000 images are taken in the six to eight hours the capsule takes to work its way through the digestive system. During this time, the patient is free to do whatever they like.