"it's like morons have invaded your screen saver!"

A while back, evan added an RSS feed that constantly spits out the most-recent public LJ posts. I just hacked up a little perl script that reads that and converts it to line-wrapped Latin1 text, after doing minimal de-HTMLification. This means you can use it as a "fortune" program with xscreensaver. For example:
    phosphor -geom =800x900 -scale 3 -delay 25000 -program './ljlatest --cols 40'

    starwars -geom =800x400 -lines 30 -steps 3 -program ./ljlatest

My understanding of Perl Unicode handling has not yet risen to the "cargo cult" level, so any improvements would be welcome (I think it should be possible to make Perl do the charset munging I did, but I couldn't figure out how.)

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