I feel very sorry for this horse

Ow, not the tail, Not the tail!

Vets from the Hospital Veterinario Sierra de Madrid for horses in Madrid prepare one of their patients for surgery. (AFP/Pedro Armestre)

OMG it's coming right at us!

'Bubbles', a Manta Ray that has been part of the underwater exhibit at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas for almost two years, is hoisted away by helicopter and released to the open ocean Wednesday, September 24, 2003. The twelve foot animal, began to outgrow its viewing facility at the resort, which is the home for over 50,000 fish and marine life. (AP Photo/Tim Aylen)

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CIA seeks probe of White House

It's probably not good for an administration to piss off their own spies...

CIA seeks probe of White House:

The CIA has asked the Justice Department to investigate allegations that the White House broke federal laws by revealing the identity of one of its undercover employees in retaliation against the woman's husband, a former ambassador who publicly criticized President Bush's since-discredited claim that Iraq had sought weapons-grade uranium from Africa.

Joshua Marshall says:

The way this works is that the CIA does its own investigation to determine whether there is reason to believe laws were broken. But the CIA has no law enforcement powers itself. So it makes a referral to the Justice Department, which obviously does have law enforcement powers. If the folks at Justice concur in the Agency's determination that there is reason to believe that laws were broken, they then task the FBI with mounting a formal criminal investigation. [...]

On it's face, this news tonight almost certainly means that the CIA's internal investigation concluded that laws were broken or that there was sufficient evidence of wrong-doing for a criminal investigation to be undertaken. The decision on whether to task the FBI with investigating the White House is now in hands of John Ashcroft.

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MUNI Increases Fares; Adds Comfortable Bus Stops

MUNI Increases Fares; Adds Comfortable Bus Stops.

The San Francisco Municipal Railway announced today that along with fare increases, they have begun to make bus stops more comfortable for those long waits. William Nasalrod, MUNI Spokesman, said "Customer service has always been a defining moment for MUNI and the couches are just another way we're helping fellow San Franciscans. It came down that if we have to raise fares and reduce service, something must be added. The couches seemed like the way to go."

dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, including four new photo galleries.

The Strange Case of the Gonzo Peacocks

Marauding Dogs Kill Thompson's Peacocks

WOODY CREEK, Colo. - Marauding dogs are being blamed for menacing people in this hamlet near Aspen and killing four peacocks owned by writer and journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson said Sunday a pack of dogs killed the birds in one week.

"I found them half-eaten lying on the road. We have bodies down here," he said. "Anything that kills four animals, four people or four of anything on my property is going to die one way or another."

Colorado law allows people to kill dogs harassing livestock or wildlife. In 2000, Thompson fired a shotgun to scare a bear off his land and slightly wounded his assistant, who was sprayed by pellets ricocheting off the ground.

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Thompson's neighbor, Tom Klutznick, said several dogs went after him over the weekend as he was walking.

"They were ugly," Klutznick said. "They look like they're between 25 and 30 pounds. They just came charging down the road."

Pitkin County animal safety director ReRe Baker said it could be neighborhood dogs roving in a pack and chasing wildlife. She said the county can't intervene until a formal complaint is filed.

"It could be those dogs, but unless there's an eyewitness to it, all I can do is issue a ticket for dogs running at large," Baker said.

Thompson, who has raised birds for decades, said he was disturbed by losing four of his prized peacocks. He has given several as gifts to friends and the birds' plumes are in high demand among his friends.


I, for one, welcome our parthenogenetic hybrid masters

Chimaerism and Mosaicism

[...] The boy, who was otherwise healthy, is one of only a handful of known true human chimaeras - people carrying tissues that originated in two separate embryos. More common are mosaics, who have patches of tissue that differ genetically from the rest of their body, thanks to a mutation or chromosomal anomaly that arose early in embryological development. [...]

Chimaerism affecting a variety of tissues can also result from other events. In 1995, for instance, Bonthron described another boy who was partially parthenogenetic: cells from his blood and certain other tissues contained none of his father's chromosomes; instead, they featured a duplicated set of one half of his mother's. Although it is not unknown for an egg to start developing without being fertilized, fully parthenogenetic human embryos cannot develop to term. Bonthron believes that the partially parthenogenetic boy owed his unusual genetic constitution to an egg that spontaneously divided into two cells, one of which was fertilized. The second cell then copied its maternal chromosomes, allowing the resulting chimaera to form a viable embryo.

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Diebold, Champions of Democracy

blackboxvoting.org, the site that has been publishing evidence that Diebold's election machines are trivially riggable, has been shut down, Scientology-style:

Due to a dispute with Diebold, Incorporated, and its wholly owned subsidiary Diebold Election Systems, Inc. (collectively "Diebold"), which is claiming links to certain materials that do not reside on the blackboxvoting.org website constitute copyright infringement, blackboxvoting.org has been temporarily disabled.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause visitors and journalists to the blackboxvoting.org site and hope to have this matter resolved shortly.

Google has a cache. The Wayback Machine does not.

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um, I uh, err, uh...

The Language Removal project: MP3 speeches of prospective governors with all the actual words removed.
Scene missing! A video that used to be embedded in this post has disappeared. If you know of a copy of this video that is still accessible, please mail me so that I can update the link.
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Underworld micro-review

I liked Underworld. It was not great, but it was good looking, full of teh hotness, and had an unexpectedly twisty and detailed backstory. I'd say it had a more interesting plot than Blade, but less good acting.

The thousand-round pistols were irritating, especially when they made a point of showing you the ~10 round clip.

Have you heard about the lawsuit? It's comical. (White Wolf Sues Sony: "We Ripped Off Anne Rice First!") I've read a few of Nancy Collins's books, and they were fun, but seriously derivative of every previous vampire story that tried to be "edgy" and "modern." Dear Nancy, stop believing your sycophants, kthx.

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