why cooperation with RMS is impossible, part 3

Jono Bacon has done a Death Metal cover of the Stallman classic. (I assume you have already experienced the 1998 Matt Loper techno remix.)
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12 Responses:

  1. bitwise says:

    God help me, I'm tempted to fire up Cubase this weekend and see what I can churn out. Truly, the apocalypse must be here.

    • selectronica says:

      The apocalypse was last year, you missed it.

      It turned out to be a bummer since it seems rather than ushering in the end of the world, all they really wanted were a couple of lattes, one mocha, and one macchiatto from Starbucks (Starbucks of all places!) and then they used the bathroom, got back on their horses, and rode off into the sunset.

      The famed Horsemen of The Apocalypse were nothing more than a bunch of yuppies. I am never reading the Bible again.

  2. adaptively says:

    ...don't forget the fenster cover, and the version done by "the gnu/stallmans" at the end of "revolution o.s."

    /me shudders.

  3. kingfox says:

    I always wanted to hear a Wesley Willis cover. I honestly was joking about that a few days ago, too bad that never can happen now.

  4. scosol says:

    hackers should not do music
    now i dont know which one actually sux, my music or my code-

    and you should know better than to call that techno :p