war on terror, war on drugs, whatever.

A Watauga County prosecutor is using a law intended to combat terrorism to fight the spread of methamphetamine laboratories in northwest North Carolina.

District Attorney Jerry Wilson has charged Martin Dwayne Miller, 24, of Todd with two counts of manufacturing a nuclear or chemical weapon in connection with a methamphetamine arrest Friday. [...]

The law reads, in part, that the term nuclear, biological or chemical weapon of mass destruction applies to "any substance that is designed or has the capability to cause death or serious injury and ... is or contains toxic or poisonous chemicals or their immediate precursors."

The chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine are toxic and highly combustible.

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11 Responses:

  1. brad says:

    Do you get depressed finding this shit all day? Would a judge buy this crap?

  2. volkris says:

    Goodbye semiconductor industry...

  3. fezzgig says:

    I live in Boone, and can safely assure that meth labs have sprung up pretty much everywhere in the area. Its at the point that grocery stores and gas stations will no longer give you a free pack of matches with your cigarettes (match heads being a cheap source of red phosphorus). There's even talk of limiting some drain cleaners which contain muriatic acid, a diluted form of hydrochloric.

    Boone is home to Appalachian State University, toting a reputation for pot smoking hippies, and the ilk. Lately, the town is just slowly turning gray. Although there are still hippies, and I doubt we'll get rid of them, aren't they supposed to be lazy,tacit and smelling like patchouli instead of hyped up and smelling like dirty pet cages?

    • denshi says:

      In my recollections of rural America, meth labs are more a redneck-sheep-fucker kind of thing than a hippie thing. Hippies tend to get out of the backwoods ASAP. My experience on this is mostly Texan; YMMV.

  4. pjammer says:

    we can use that same pretext to prosecute executives at Shell, Mobil, et al - after all, aren't they are responsible for the manufacture and sales of liquid explosives to MILLIONS of civilians EVERY DAY?

  5. rfreebern says:

    Doesn't this classify cigarettes as chemical weapons, then?

    • artlung says:

      I'm from San Diego more or less, and Meth Labs getting busted was a staple of local news coverage while I was growing up. Typically it was neither rednecks nor hippies brewing up the methamphetamine (crystal meth) - it was Bikers.