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  • Lessig has Gilmore's reply about the "Suspected Terrorist" incident.
  • Cory writes: "A kid who put a note telling TSA snoops to stay out of his luggage was busted on trumped-up "bomb-threat" charges for penning the following and putting it in his bag:"

    ''[Expletive] you. Stay the [expletive] out of my bag you [expletive] sucker. Have you found a [expletive] bomb yet? No, just clothes. Am I right? Yea, so [expletive] you.''
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  1. fo0bar says:

    Appearantly, wearing a "Suspected Terrorist" button is punishable by death, but what about a "Not a Terrorist" button? I've flown maybe 20 legs since 2001-09-11 (mostly between RNO and OAK, but a couple cross-country flights), and have received the "'random' XXXs of doom" on my southwest tickets for all but one leg. (I say "legs" because I've also been "randomly" searched before boarding connecting flights. What, am I going to find a bomb somewhere in the PHX concourse and carry it on the plane?)

    Anyways, I've considered wearing a button that says "Not a Terrorist", so when they ask to search me at the gate, I can just point to the button and say, "no need... see, I'm not a terrorist!"

  2. transiit says:

    The bright side of the kid writing the note is my belief that a judge will read it, laugh, and then ask the prosecutors "This is the best you could come up with?"

    I wonder how many screeners have nightmares about the skidmarks they've had to inspect in the name of national security.

  3. zhixel says:

    Don't taunt Happy Fun TSA, morons.

  4. jotunheim says:

    No [expletives] way!

  5. devpreed says:

    he said:

    I wonder what would happen if we put love notes in our luggage instead.. something like:

    Dear Paul:

    I loved acting that kinky fantasy of yours; you know the one where the TSA men tie us both up and do 'cavity searches' with their big 'metal detector wands!' That'd so hot.

    I wonder if they can tell we used these clothes for our watersports and scat play. Maybe if they're nice, they'll leave us one of their badges so we can roll play our fantasies even when we're not flying!

    Oop... time to leave for the airport so I can get frisked... mmm... I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

    <3 you hon!

    'course then, we'd probably get shafted with some trumped up sodomy charges.

  6. unabomber says:

    I think I've flown about 30 or 40 legs since 9/11, and I've found that when I take advantage of Delta's last-minute vacation plan, I will always get searched down to the colonoscopy level. Otherwise, I'm never searched, even though I pretty much spot-on fit the physical profile of someone who would freak out, shave their head, climb the nearest clocktower with an M-16, and start taking out pedestrians. The big key is that when you deal with the TSA, you act calm and keep your fucking mouth shut. Yes and no questions only. Act like you're on trial, and they don't bother you.

    My funniest incident was when I went through security at JFK wearing a Motorhead t-shirt. The agent, an old dude, said "So what kind of band is Motorhead? Are they anything like ANTHRAX?"


  7. baconmonkey says:

    when returning home from vacation, rub poison ivy all over clothes in cary-on bag, dress strange, and act suspiciously at screener points.