this would be cooler if it hadn't already been in a horrid Robbie Williams video

Ksenia Vidyaykina performs as a 1920's era strip tease dancer who takes off her cloths, and then her skin in a portion of 'Trapped,' a one woman performance which tells stories of women alone, confined, and forced into difficult choices, during a press preview of the New York International Fringe Festival, Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2003, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

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  1. giles says:

    I'm having flashbacks to my Official Harry Anderson Needle Through The Arm Kit.

  2. bayushiboy says:

    super gross, man. sheesh!
    When it comes back on line check out Warren Ellis's website.
    It had apicture yesterday of this website where they have real shots of people cut open after tumor removal surgery. It made me queasy and yet, engrossed at the same time as I was drawn in by the shape and design of the skeleton and muscles...

  3. crs says:

    "horrid" Robbie Williams video? I quite liked it.

  4. sw00p says:

    cool (in a 1970's Feminism sorta way).

    it would be better if she tore herself down to the bone, revealing a better-than-steel skeleton, unleashing herself on the audience, T2-style ... the world could do with a few less professional art critics.

    • jwz says:

      It occurs to me that "I already saw that on MTV" is probably the second most hurtful thing you could ever say to a performance artist.

      The worst being -- still -- "I saw that on The Gong Show."

      • sw00p says:

        if she was karen finley, i might have more respect ('drop that ghetto blaster!'). god help me, but i've never seen the gong show. last performance artist i saw irl was, alethea lahoefer. she had us don 3d glasses at a critical moment in her (irl 3d) preformance. i swore off performance artists after that (i kept the 3d glasses, though - what a philistine).

  5. loosechanj says:

    Not on MTV, people actually do that around here when they run out of clothes it's so friggin' hot.

  6. flipzagging says:

    Same woman, same gown, same everything. Except she could dig into her flesh rather than just rip off layers.

    I don't think I've seen the video in question.

  7. violentbloom says:

    one really only needs to say two words.
    performance art

  8. n3koch4n says:

    could you put that image in a lj-cut, please? thank you
    it is going to sit in my friends page for a while and i can't really watch it without unpleasant stomach reactions :/