Spiders 3.5

Part 3.5 of Spiders is up now at electric sheep. If you are unfamiliar with e-sheep, rectify. These are amazing comics, and are probably the best online presentation of comics I've ever seen: they actually make use of the medium in clever ways that wouldn't be possible on paper.

Whatever you do, don't miss Apocamon, Delta Thrives, and The Guy I Almost Was. But it's all great.

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9 Responses:

  1. jonabbey says:

    Patrick claimed there'll be more Apocamon in September when I sent him an Apocamon-loving contribution last month.

  2. filthymonkey says:

    Truly awesome comics, thanks for the link...

  3. andrewducker says:

    E-sheep is great, but most of it is a little bit too self-consciously wierd for me (and this from a Warren Ellis/Robert Anton Wilson/Grant Morrison fan).

    The Guy I almost Was, however, is a work of art.

  4. jcurious says:

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  5. belgand says:

    Eh... I haven't been too into Spiders. Apocamon and The Guy I Almost was were great, but I thought Delta Thrives just... hell, I'm lost on words to describe how much it sucked. Art and words both. Still... some of the ideas in Spiders have been very intriguing, but I can't find myself getting pulled in.

  6. jason0x21 says:

    Electric Sheep, and Leisure Town are two of my favorite web comics (even though Leisure Town could easily end up on paper).