scrub out my eyes

Dear Japanese people:
Please stop exploring your sexuality. It really freaks us out.
Love, American People.


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  1. kumimonster says:

    urusei yatsura!


  2. nerpdawg says:

    How can they screw with those things on?

  3. sungo says:

    that's even scarier than this:i'm not sure if i can really deal with that.

    • ammonoid says:

      What is that supposed to advertise? Its broken and needs a sling? So wrong.

      • 33mhz says:

        Look on the bright side: at least she's not wearing a matching suit, too.

        • ammonoid says:

          Well, there is this. Scroll down to the second picture.

          • I'd say the closest one to the horrifying image in question is the last one here.

            That said, there's something about US sensibilities that says it's a good thing for women to do this and a bad thing for men to. Maybe it's just that men have grotty, scary, unshaven crotch areas.

            • ammonoid says:

              Yeah, I think its the paunch plus the hairy crotch that make the sling so unappealing. On a hairless abercrombie and fitch model it would merely be tasteless, not repulsive.

          • kyra says:

   that a seatbelt on that last girl's tits?

      • gile says:

        Don't know what that advertises, but... in wearing that, someone should remove the kit behind the sling. After clubbing him upside the head.

        Now excuse me while I dip my retinas in acid after seeing that.

    • nerpdawg says:

      I don't know you, but suddenly I hate you so much..

      • baconmonkey says:

        hey, that's not me in the picture, nor did I take it.
        my eyes got to blister from that, so now everyone else can join in the fun too.

  4. zra says:

    this has got to stop!

  5. azul_ros says:

    I found your LJ on accident, but I have to say it was/is a "happy" accident. I was doing a search for the band/musicians who made the Run Lola Run soundtrack, and a recent post of yours came up. Since I'm a LJ user, I figured I'd check it out. You have some amazing posts! All that sci-fi news is incredible. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my list too. I see you have close to 800 LJ friends, so I guess one more couldn't hurt ya, eh?

    BTW, this thread made me laugh so hard!!! OMG, that 'Muricans photo, heh heh
    That humongous lobster is very cool!

  6. archiedavis says:

    you know... i think i just discovered something unsavory about my own sexuality looking at that picture...

  7. jusui says:

    Dear American People,
    Please educate yourself on the subject matter of our photographs. You annoy us.
    Love, the Nipponese

    • jwz says:


      • laika says:

        Dear Cynical People,

        The Jeff K. thing is over. We may be freaks, but at least we remain consistently entertaining. You oh-so-superior hipsters, on the other hand, are getting repetitive and thus boring the piss out of us. Please create a new catch phrase at first opportunity so we can resume our awe at your superior eloquence and coolness. "KTHXBYE."


        The Furries

  8. darkcrispy says:

    PICS like this remind me why drugs are bad.

    • damyx says:

      that is the dumbest thing you could possibly have said

      • darkcrispy says:

        actually the dumbest thing i could have said would ahve been something like,
        " in other news today the Japanese government has discovred the one thing that WOULD scare Godzilla away from Tokyo."

        i know i know, both are Conan O brien material at best, but what can i say? im uninspired.

      • darkcrispy says:

        After several attempts,with disastorous results, Japan officialy bans human cloning.

      • darkcrispy says:


        • damyx says:

          I dunno man, take your pick of the three you proffer. I think any of them demonstrate more thoughtfulness, wisdom, intelligence, or any positive quality than a blanket badmouthing of mind-altering substances.

          Of course we must remember that "drugs" includes things like caffeine, ibuprofen, sugar, television, statins, and so on. While some drugs have pretty overtly unfavorable effects, surely they're not all bad.

  9. ronbar says:

    Of course this is scary while, say, guys hanging from their own flesh on meathooks in front of an audience are not.

    Didn't you host another fetish show not too long ago?

    • jwz says:

      Hey, that bait-and-tackle shit creeps me out too. Possibly even more than middle-aged adults dressing up as giant cartoon toddlers. You'll note there aren't any pictures of the bait-and-tackle portion of the last fetish show -- even though it was like, the guy who invented bait or something -- because I wasn't watching.

  10. sschmitt says:

    I got to your livejournal through another friend. I love your icon, and I find the stuff on your journal really interesting. I'm new to the bay area--I'll have to go to the DNA lounge sometime soon. May I add you to my friends'list?

  11. wurdsalud says:

    Dear you, quite frankly i find this picture extremely arousing. and if you have a problem with people fucking in costumes with massive heads then, well, my good sir i find you petty and disposable. not to mention that japanese people are HOT and anything they do is immedately engorging.

  12. raven_2002 says:

    So what, thats just their way of life like we are with ours. We think its wrong or scary, but to them, its okay. Its in their culture their life style, I mean come on, they have a Dick Matsuri XD Duh