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Last week, some guy lost his cell phone and spent a long time demanding of the bartenders, and then of security, that they turn the house lights on so that he could look for it. "Look around you, pal: there are hundreds of people here dancing. We're not turning on the lights because you dropped your phone", they told him. "You don't understand," he explained, "you have to turn on the lights right now!" Amazing. Where do people come up with this combination of obliviousness and entitlement?

We get so many cellphones that are unclaimed -- most people apparently aren't so concerned about getting them back as this guy. Not to mention drivers licenses, passports, credit cards... The credit cards I can understand, since those are fairly easy to cancel/replace, but getting replacement licenses and especially passports is a huge hassle! A while ago I started taping the unclaimed licenses to the office wall; it covers almost three square feet now. I wish I had thought of this two years ago: it'd be huge by now.

Some photos from the weekend: New Wave City and Z-Trip. I tried a new trick when taking the NWC pictures: I'd set up the shot, then stare at Harlan at the lighting board; when he looked like he was about to reach for the button that fires the strobes, I'd take a 2 or 4 second shot, resulting in some reasonably-well-lit multiple exposures. It came out a lot better than my flash pictures usually do, anyway...

The Z-Trip show was totally packed! We sold out -- it's been a while since that's happened (DJ Krush in February, I think?) And on a sunday no less. Our friends at PG&E will be glad to hear this.

As you know, the restaurant next door (Dulcinea) has closed, but just after they opened, Georgia and David (not that David, the other David -- no, the other one) were contestants on a cooking-battle show called "Food Fight". I've just learned that their episode is finally going to air on Sep 11 at 10PM ET on the Food Network, so set your Tivos...


Holy Shit, Man Walks on Fucking Moon

Surely you've all seen the Onion article from the most excellent Our Dumb Century. Well, here's a Flash version of that historic event.

In other news, Russians Plan Nuclear Fucking Reactor on Fucking Mars. "The power plant should be up and running by 2030."

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har har

rzr_grl:   Does so-and-so have a contingency plan if the thing isn't done by the deadline?
jwz:   I think the contingency plan is to get the thing done by the deadline.
rzr_grl:   I think you misunderstand the word "contingency".
jwz:   Yeah, well, I've misunderstood it before...

It was a Period Piece, really.

Ok, I totally loved Freddy Versus Jason. It was a straight-up slasher movie: lots of squibs, gratuitous shower scenes, wandering off into the dark alone, sex equals death, etc., and I was struck by how much it seemed like it was made in the 80s. There was very little of the self-awareness that's been present in every monster movie made after Craven got all pomo with New Nightmare / Scream. (Which were both fantasic movies at the time, but then the cliché set in.)

I wish they had done more with the backstory of the police cover-up, but overall it was quite satisfying. I give it a (severed) thumbs up.

(For calibration purposes: I loved the Elm Street movies, and (from what little I can remember of them) I thought the Friday the 13th movies sucked.)

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crap then, crap now

Is there a person alive who can tell the difference between Soundgarden and Dio? I mean seriously.
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Random Personal Picture Finder

Random Personal Picture Finder: This is pretty cute -- it searches for randomly-numbered JPEG file names in Google, of the form created by various digital cameras. It's like a more banal, less pornographic WebCollage. (Webcollage used to feed random numbers into Google image search to get random pictures, and that worked pretty good, but I didn't think of using digicam-syntax file names.)
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yes yes, our new nuclear wasp masters, etc etc...

Radioactive Nests of Hanford Wasps

Bechtel Hanford is tackling the radioactive mud dauber wasps nests of Hanford's H Reactor complex, while trying to entice the insects to use nonradioactive mud for their homes. [...]

The company is tearing down the long-abandoned Cold War plutonium-production reactor's contaminated buildings prior to sealing up the main core chamber. Workers found a slightly radioactive mud dauber's nest in a nook in a wall on the south side of the complex, said Bechtel spokesman Todd Nelson. That was the first time that Hanford had ever encountered a radioactive wasp nest. [...]

In the past, Hanford has faced hordes of radioactive ants, chased nonradioactive escaped alligators in the early 1960s, dealt with a radioactive mouse invading north Richland in 1996, hunted marauding radioactive fruit flies in 1998 and constantly combats tumbling radioactive tumbleweeds.

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Fatherland Security will rule the skies with Zeppelins! Oh yes!

Sensor-Equipped Blimps Could Aid Homeland Security

Blimps could play a key role in homeland security, say military researchers, who envision dirigibles hovering over Washington, protecting the region. During last fall's sniper crisis, in fact, the military tried to deploy a blimp with sensors capable of spotting a flash from a firearm's muzzle. [...]

The Office of Naval Research, based in Arlington, is advocating the use of sensor-equipped airships for various missions, including detecting chemical attacks, tracking submarines or other underwater threats, identifying military targets for attack, aiding in search-and-rescue operations and finding drug laboratories. [...]

The demonstration featured the Littoral Airborne Sensor Hyperspectral (LASH) system, a sensor that detects minute color shifts that the human eye cannot see. [...] Last October, Navy teams outfitted a blimp with a sniper-detection system known as VIPER to help find the shooters terrorizing the Washington area. "We were doing the initial checkouts when they caught the guys," Huett said. Equipped with LASH, radar and other sensors, two or three blimps could provide constant surveillance over the Washington area, Huett said.

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sendmail help: how do I tell evite to fuck off?

Evite (owned by TicketBastard) are address-harvesting web-bug-using spamming cocksuckers, and I'd like to never receive mail from their service. Preferably, in such a way that whichever acquaintance of mine who is foolishly using their service gets a bounce, so that they know I didn't get evite's email.

Evite's mail headers are clever: they set the envelope-from to the human dupe on whose behalf they are sending the mail, but the mails themselves originate at citysearch.com:

    Return-Path: <address-of-human@wherever>
    Received: from lax1evtmx7.citysearch.com (lax1evtmx7.citysearch.com [])
    by [...my local server...] (envelope-from address-of-human@wherever)
    Received: (qmail 15737 invoked from network); 16 Aug 2003 01:57:14 -0000
    Received: from lax1evtwww14.prod.tmcs (HELO lax1evtmx5.citysearch.com) (
    by 0 with SMTP; 16 Aug 2003 01:57:14 -0000
    X-Sender: info@evite.com
    From: <info@evite.com>
    Reply-To: <address-of-human@wherever>

I tried adding this to /etc/mail/access:

    citysearch.com   550 Spamming denied
    evite.com 550 Spamming denied
but it didn't work. Any suggestions?

(Note: Suggestions that involve procmail, or that involve installing any mailer other than sendmail 8, will be gleefully ignored, so please don't waste your time.)

>Update, 7-Sep-2003:

The prevailing theory had been that I could do this, since Evite was always including X-Sender: info@evite.com:

    HX-Sender: $>Check_XSender
    D{MMsg}Spamming denied
    R${MPat} $*$#error $: 553 ${MMsg}
    RX-Sender: ${MPat} $*$#error $: 553 ${MMsg}

But now those cockgobblers have changed their X-Sender header to be the human sending the evite, making it useless for filtering. My next try is to filter on the Recieved headers and try and bounce anything that comes from citysearch:

    HReceived: $>Check_Received
    D{MMsg}Spamming denied
    R${MPat} $*$#error $: 553 ${MMsg}
    RReceived: ${MPat} $*$#error $: 553 ${MMsg}

(There's a TAB after $*.)

(I can't just block based on IP addresses because my mail server is behind my ISP's relay host, so the hostile mailers never connect to me directly.)

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"one of the unfortunate consequences of being a mammal"

Best headline ever: Whale Flatulence Stuns Scientists.

The researchers claim this is the first photograph of a minke whale letting one go in the icy waters of Antarctica. It was taken from the bow of a research vessel. "We got away from the bow of the ship very quickly ... it does stink," said Nick Gales, a research scientist from the Australian Antarctic Division. [...]

However, the episode did not detract from their mission, which was to collect DNA from whale dung and attach satellite tracking devices in the first research of its kind to track where the creatures go and what and how much they eat.

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