Monkey for Governor: Bananas for Everyone

Monkey for Governor: Bananas for Everyone

Our entrenched politicians will say I am selling symbols -- that my tail and my penchant for screaming at the top of my lungs are a smokescreen designed to hide an agenda of unbidden control. But I say, there are enough bananas to go around, and any "leader" who would deny them to the people of California isn't fit to lead our glorious playground. [...] And I will not forget your call to arms. No! I will cry ook eek all the way to the halls of Sacramento. And the world will know that the monkeys are once again in charge of the monkeyhouse.

3 Responses:

  1. mindcontrol23 says:

    I still have my "LSD is the Bomb" 12". I have been thinking I need to break out the turntable again.

  2. monkey says:

    He'd get my vote if I was american.

  3. babysimon says:

    Dude, we're way ahead of you.