It was a Period Piece, really.

Ok, I totally loved Freddy Versus Jason. It was a straight-up slasher movie: lots of squibs, gratuitous shower scenes, wandering off into the dark alone, sex equals death, etc., and I was struck by how much it seemed like it was made in the 80s. There was very little of the self-awareness that's been present in every monster movie made after Craven got all pomo with New Nightmare / Scream. (Which were both fantasic movies at the time, but then the cliché set in.)

I wish they had done more with the backstory of the police cover-up, but overall it was quite satisfying. I give it a (severed) thumbs up.

(For calibration purposes: I loved the Elm Street movies, and (from what little I can remember of them) I thought the Friday the 13th movies sucked.)

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4 Responses:

  1. srcosmo says:

    I love how they treated (most of) the subject matter seriously -- it was really refreshing after Jason X's succumbing to that smug-cleverness trend.
    Maybe this will encourage a return to the style of the good old days..

  2. mattholland says:

    haha. you said pomo.

  3. internebbish says:

    Never was big into the slasher movie thing in its heyday.
    For some reason I'm REALLY looking forward to this one though. It just seems so unabashedly trashy.

    Glad it didn't disappoint.

  4. nerpdawg says:

    Maybe if the scream guy is tired of the self-referential gimmick, everyone else will be too. I not only want the characters to not go meta on me, but it'd also be nice to not see scenes where i know the director's just gone zombie and started aping scenes from classics in the genre they're working in. I end up seeing a lot less hollywood movies because of this. I'll get all excited about something like freddy vs jason, see a couple hollywood movies, feel duped, then go back to the art theaters just to be surprised. rar. RAR.