I, for one, welcome our grinning evil robot masters (2)

I love this illustration:

Article about the robot-face-guy:

The Man Who Mistook His Girlfriend for a Robot:

There he quickly scanned the room and spotted Kristen Nelson chatting with a guy at the bar. Hanson walked past once or twice, and they smiled at each other. Finally he walked up and said hello. "Can I measure your skull?" he asked. [...] She remembers it slightly differently: "He asked, 'Can I make you into a robot?'"


4 Responses:

  1. deadmoose says:

    I like the little chart about emotional response, specifically how you go from "toy robot" to "walking corpse" to "accurate humanoid."

    I want to get into robotics now, just so I can build a "walking corpse" robot, which roams the earth, powering itself by feeding on braaaaaaiiiiiiiiiins.

  2. _haywire_ says:

    So is the "walking corpse" goth?

  3. rpkrajewski says:

    He spent two years in the late '80s as an aimless physics major...

    Nope, never knew any aimless physics majors. Nope.