dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update about tomorrow's final C0DE, plus pictures of Gotham Road / PLAN 9 / Hypercenter and Scar Tissue / Kontinuum.
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10 Responses:

  1. selectronica says:

    "It should not be, just as a hypothetical example, one guy manning the DAT and another guy doing a VNV Nation impression."

    I thought it was more like Tom Jones Does EBM.

    But Scar Tissue more than made up for it! Thanks for all the great shows and clubs, btw. DNA kicks much ass.

  2. tfofurn says:

    Now that's a version of My Dinner with Andre that would keep me awake!

  3. kfringe says:

    You have my sympathies. I attended a few of the code shows and enjoyed them. This clearly shows that the end of code is my fault. Hell, I only enjoy things when I have a nice, dark place to sit and get drunk without interference. I assume that my ability to sit at an actual table or on an actual bench without being trampled means that the event made no money. You have my apologies. I'll take the blame for having driven the cool kids away.

  4. ellyjonez says:

    too bad that's ending. that was one of the events i could depend on to have music & peeps i knew and liked.

  5. kyronfive says:

    We got around 30 people each night, meaning we lost several hundred bucks on each show.

    Yep. We did, too.

  6. aitp says:

    You might wanna update "Come see what the fuss is all about, and quick! Only two :CODEs left before we end our 2+ year run @ the DNA Lounge!" on the C0DE page.


  7. aitp says:

    Okay, if this offends you, please just delete/screen it and I'll get the hint. Me being banned from your LJ would majorly suck.

    We got around 30 people each night, meaning we lost several hundred bucks on each show.

    Reading through your posts, and also noticing the part, during renovation, when your broker called with concern over the rate of cash drain, I have to ask--do you really need money from DNA to get by? I sorta figured you'd have made out like a bandit from the Netscape IPO; am I missing something? Or is the idea simply that money is an indirect indicator of the presence of people at the DNA, which is your real goal?

    Yeah, so like I said, this question is totally not socially appropriate. Sorry if I offended you.


    • jwz says:

      I don't need money from DNA to get by (in fact, I have gotten exactly $0 of my investment repaid so far), but I need it to not be sucking money from me any more. I'm not as rich as you think.

  8. ladycalliope says:

    I had a good time last night at C0DE - I'm sorry I didn't go to more of them, or drink enough at the ones I did attend. So what kind of events are going to replace it?