DNA Lounge update, wherein I bust on sucka MCs like a broken record yo.
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5 Responses:

  1. bdu says:

    So true. MCs need to learn that less is more. Once they do, they *might* be a worthwhile addition to D&B/jungle sets. Until then, they're just blathering nonstop and a major detriment to the music.

  2. jette says:

    And you'd think that if they thought their music needed a fake-Jamaican rapper, well, they would have included one in the recording, wouldn't they?

    That just about hits the nail on the head.

    The only one I've ever liked was Skibadee.

  3. fzou says:

    ha ha MC Duh. He must be so smart. "Subversive flow, spontaneous freestyles and razor sharp wit"? What is is, Off-Broadway? No, wait, New Yorkers couldn't stop themselves from kicking his ass.

    "and now back to the familiar refrain / I ain't ever giving you the mike again"

  4. anti_tim says:

    I was listening to the webcast show last night and I would have to say the SAME THING. Duh gets annoying. I met my girlfriend at a Photek show 3 years ago and back then it was all about the music, not the riddy riddum annoyances of the MC.

    Also, its kind of dumb that the current Photek sound is exactly like all the other drum and bass out there. I was originally attracted to his stuff because he was really good at minimalism, not sounding like all the other DJs.

    But I wasnt there, so maybe the vibe last night made up for it.