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Is there a person alive who can tell the difference between Soundgarden and Dio? I mean seriously.
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11 Responses:

  1. _19_ says:

    I don't even think Soundgarden and Dio can tell the difference.


  2. tbye says:

    That would be like searching for a rainbow in the dark with your good eye closed. Not recommended.


  4. blackthorne6 says:

    Dio is much shorter.
    He's a little leprechaun!

  5. loosechanj says:

    But then that's the kind of crap I grew up on. IMO, it's more a function of interest in whatever genre is under discussion. If you don't like classical, for instance, it's more likely you won't be able to tell the difference between two composers. But if you just can't live without polka, you can pick out individuals pretty easy. You listen harder and deeper to stuff you like.

  6. substitute says:

    Is that Dio has super cool SATANIC LYRICS and Soundgarden is just mopey. I'll take "Holy Diver" over "Black Hole Sun" any day.

  7. confuseme says:

    What I can't get over is this "new" band Audioslave. It's the guys from Rage Against the Machine with the singer from Soundgarden, but they sound exactly like Stone Temple Pilots! Apparently that was the difference between Soundgarden and STP -- a little bit of RAtM. Who knew? I've heard no fewer than three DJs play "Interstate Love Song" right after the new Audioslave single. If you told me those were consecutive tracks on an album from 1993, I would not doubt it.