Robert Anton Wilson: the nutcase's nutcase

The Guns and Dope Party

28 August 2003 e.v. After refusing many pleas to run for governor, I have reconsidered and now enter the race as an unofficial write-in candidate. After all, why should I remain the ONLY nutcase in California who ain't running?

My party, the Guns and Dope Party, invites extremists of both right and left to unite behind our shared goals of:

  1. Get those pointy-headed Washington bureaucrats off our backs and off our fronts too!
  2. Guns for everybody who wants them; no guns for those who don't want them

  3. Drugs for everybody who wants them; no drugs for those who don't want them

  4. Freedom of choice, free love,free speech, free Internet and free beer

  5. California secession -- Keep the anti-gun and ant-dope fanatics on the Eastern side of the Rockies

  6. Lotsa wild parties every night by gun-toting dopers

  7. Animal protection -- Support your right to keep and arm bears

[...] First order of business on assuming office: Fire 33% of the legislature [names selected at random] and replace them with full-grown adult ostriches, whose mysterious and awesome dignity will elevate the suidean barbarity long established there.

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