Another hour later, and I'm starting to consider whether maybe the key plungers weren't meant to be disassembled.


Spiders 3.5

Part 3.5 of Spiders is up now at electric sheep. If you are unfamiliar with e-sheep, rectify. These are amazing comics, and are probably the best online presentation of comics I've ever seen: they actually make use of the medium in clever ways that wouldn't be possible on paper.

Whatever you do, don't miss Apocamon, Delta Thrives, and The Guy I Almost Was. But it's all great.

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war on terror, war on drugs, whatever.

A Watauga County prosecutor is using a law intended to combat terrorism to fight the spread of methamphetamine laboratories in northwest North Carolina.

District Attorney Jerry Wilson has charged Martin Dwayne Miller, 24, of Todd with two counts of manufacturing a nuclear or chemical weapon in connection with a methamphetamine arrest Friday. [...]

The law reads, in part, that the term nuclear, biological or chemical weapon of mass destruction applies to "any substance that is designed or has the capability to cause death or serious injury and ... is or contains toxic or poisonous chemicals or their immediate precursors."

The chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine are toxic and highly combustible.

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