Starbucks to close

Starbucks to close:

Vandals slathered glue over the windows of at least eight Starbucks shops in San Francisco early Tuesday in what authorities called a coordinated effort to fool people into thinking the stores had closed. The culprits went as far as to stick "closed" and "for lease" signs and notices on the stores, using bogus Starbucks Corp. letterhead. [...]

"The global economy requires a relentless substitution of quantity over quality and shareholder value over human values," it read. "At our current market level, Starbucks cannot in good conscience guarantee all of our beans meet both our rigorous quality standards as well as our commitment to social responsibility. We are moving over and making room for local coffee bars."

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Tomorrow is Liddy Day!

Governor Retracts Honor:

An official proclamation declaring Aug. 7 as an official "G. Gordon Liddy" day was an error, South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds said after publicity surrounding the proclamation generated outrage across the state. "We received a tremendous amount of feedback about this," said the governor's spokesman, Mark Johnston. [...] Liddy is traveling through South Dakota this week as part of an annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis.