when you can pluck the BRAAAAAINS from my hand, you will have learned

The mummified body of Thai Buddhist monk Dang Piyasilo, or "Loung Pordaeng", is displayed at Wat Khunaram on Samui island. (AFP/Pornchai Kittiwongsakul)

See also The Onion: Monk Gloats Over Yoga Championship: 'I am the serenest!' he says.

"That's my meditative position of spiritual ecstasy, not his," remarked Gupta. "He stole my thunder." Bikram denied the charge, saying, "Gupta's been talking like that ever since he was a 3rd century Egyptian slave-owner."
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11 Responses:

  1. vulpine137 says:

    So why is the mummified monk wearing sunglasses ???

    • zeppo says:

      I was just about to ask that same question... I mean obviously his eyes are gone, but why is that more offensive to the sensabilities than those crispy lips...

      • jwz says:

        Just because you're dessicated doesn't mean you can't look cool.

        Crispy lipwear?

        • zeppo says:

          That guy had better not lick any power outlets...and I can tell from just looking at him - he's thinking about it.

      • Lizard eggs.

        Mr. Serene Monk Guy has lizards laying eggs in his optical cavities, and where his brain used to be. Saw it on The Mummy Roadshow when my going-to-be-a-forensic-anthropologist friend was watching.

        Still, all part of the circle of life, right?

        • 33mhz says:

          Still, I think the sunglasses might be ill-advised. I'm thinking that some lizard eggs in plain sight are a lot less alarming than the nightmarish sight of baby lizards inexplicably pouring from a corpse's nostrils and leaking out from under his dark lenses.

  2. scosol says:

    its amazing what sunglasses do-

    i really think the eyes are the key to expression-
    with his shrivelled sockets, he's of course look creepy and disturbing-

    but with the sunglasses?
    sheeeit he's just chillin!

  3. ahnxlazyman says:

    wow this is some freaky pic lol and all i did was search under google fora project kinda funny how im asloa livejournal user
    wat a small world after all lol