tron bike

I'm pretty sure I saw pictures of this monstrosity years ago, but it's making the rounds again:

"It's a Viper V-10 based motorcycle, a 500 horsepower engine sitting out in the elements with some wheels beneath it. The price would be at least $250,000, and there would be only a few hundred made. The Dodge Tomahawk can reach 60 miles an hour in about 2.5 seconds, and has a theoretical top speed of nearly 400 mph. Each pair of wheels is separated by a few inches and each wheel has an independent suspension."

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  1. nester says:

    Actually, it was in the news about 2 months ago..

    I had never seen it before then.

  2. cetan says:

    The bike was made public for either the Detroit or Chicago Auto Show this year.

  3. jette says:

    Is it just me, or is there something really sexy about that thing?

  4. jagger says:

    OK so I don't know what the fuel consumption rate is for this bike but it weighs a fuckload (1500 lbs) and has a 3.25 gallon tank on board so it isn't going to be high at all. I am thinking that if you were to crank the throttle all the way up to the max you would need to be at a gas station every 15 minutes, on the upside you will have gone approx 100miles in that time so there should be at least one convenient place to fill up.

    • susano_otter says:

      So it weighs the same as a Viper V-10, minus everything except the engine and the wheels? Whatever its mileage is, it should be considerably better than the mileage for the car version of the vehicle, right?

      • jagger says:

        ok from what I see the viper gets 13/24 mpg and weighs 3380 lbs.
        so to be generous we will say that the bike will get 20/35 mpg

        20mpg * 3.25 gal tank = 65 Miles / Tank
        At 400mph you would cover 65 Miles in approximately 9:45

        35mpg * 3.25 gal tank = 113.75 Miles / Tank
        At 400mph you would cover 113.75 Miles in approximately 17:09

        Also remember that at the max speed fuel economy will be _extremely_ poor.

    • At least it's bigger than W's little machine....hey Bird. :)

    • aitp says:

      It can pass everything on the road...

      except a gas station.


  5. psymbiotic says:

    Top speed of 400 mph? Jumping Jesus on a pogostick! If you crashed going that fast, they'd be wiping up your remains for miles off of road. >:P

    The bike does look cool though!

    Egan >:>

  6. saraphale says:

    Going around corners would be a whole new experience - leaning over on four wheels, even with independent suspension, is going to be tricky.

    • anonymous says:

      The design of the suspension for the Dodge Tomahawk keeps all four wheels on the ground, even while cornering. This solves all concerns with cornering and actually performed as well as a standard two week motorcylce in slalom tests.

  7. I am become Shiva, destroyer of insurance rates...

  8. lexinatrix says:

    As a biker, I consider this a monstrosity. Fourwheels <> motorcycle. I was initially intrigued by the concept of the independant suspension and how the wheels handle in cornering, but it was a short-lived thrall.

    To the sportbiker, this would not exactly be responsive. To the cruiser-rider, it's not good for the long haul nor is it aesthetically pleasing.

    It fails to appeal to the interests of bikers... who are notorious for having more money than brains, if eBay motors is any indication.

  9. atakra says:

    Come on Dodge, give us more wheels already!

  10. internebbish says:

    Especially now that you can purchase viagra at discount.

  11. baconmonkey says:

    kids these days, bahand who needs 4 wheels, when one will do?

  12. baconmonkey says:

    it actually does look a lot like the NEW lightcycles designed for Tron 2.0

  13. georgedorn says:

    For something street legal but still obscene:

    It's a turbine-powered sport bike.

  14. kyzoku says:

    This was featured in Popular Science a few months ago. I think it made the cover, don't remember 100% though.

  15. down8 says:

    I got to see it at Infineon Speedway (formerly Sear's Point). Here's pictures from that day. Specifically, here are the pics of the bike (high res).

    That thing is a monster. I think they have a midget riding it in the stock photo, b/c it seemed smaller In Real Life. Maybe the midget gets better gas mileage?

    Man, if they made that AWD, it could probably get down to a 2.0 0-60.


  16. beavix says:

    calling that.. thing a motorcycle is an insult to motorcycle riders everywhere. it's a fat piece of crap with a boat engine, it makes a harley-davidson look like something good!