CAPE MAY, N.J., July 3 -- The hollowed hulks of 50 obsolete New York City subway cars were dumped into the Atlantic Ocean off South Jersey today to begin a watery new life as a haven for fish. [...] Recreational and commercial fishermen extolled the subway cars as welcome additions to the artificial reefs, which are piles of old Army tanks and armored personnel carriers, tons of concrete and other construction debris, and scrap steel. The reefs first attract mussels, barnacles and tiny plants. Then sea bass, tautog and flounder come to feed on them. Later, bigger game fish, sometimes tuna and sharks, arrive.
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6 Responses:

  1. siphet says:

    Actually thought provoking and bears further scrutiny...

  2. internebbish says:

    They might as well send you one for the club.

    • tfofurn says:

      Paint it up in black with the green DNA, put it on a pivot platform, and it's a new, rooftop sign!

      Put stocks in the windows and use it to publicly humiliate patrons who choose to be idiots.

      Sound-proof it, then have a third simultaneous DJ. Better yet, hang it from a few cranes and you've got the DNA Elevator!

  3. cetan says:

    My question is though, will the fish that live in them be any more friendly than the people that lived in them?