mammonet, the first and only internet mammogram

"I don't know if this is a joke or real. If it's a joke, then you'll have a lot of explaining to do when the CIA gets a hold of you. You can't just be confusing people like this with terrorists on the loose."

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  1. rasp_utin says:


    "Here is what's going to happen (the science). Mammonet® will calculate the pheromones and sap transmitted from your boob to the computer screen. And with that information, your computer, with the help of the internet, will compute the results."

    Now we just need more televangelists-- or rather, webevangelists-- commanding us from streaming video feeds to "touch the screen!!"

    Then, the rash of internet preacher sex scandals will spread like wildfire, with confused webevangelists and Mammonet® users trying to do their respective business at the same time. The question is, however, is it really sinning when you press glass and not flesh?

  2. substitute says:

    besides this and the ninja page?

  3. arpad says:

    Sometimes I really hate smart people.

    When practical jokes were directed to actual living neighbour, the originator at least risked to get beaten. It was fair.

    Now people do practical jokes from the safety of anonimous chair.

  4. zapevaj says:

    You can't just be confusing people like this with terrorists on the loose.

    Best hate mail evar.

    ...Because, you know, someone might think it's real, and need an emergency mammogram as a result of a terrorist attack, and instead try a Mammonet, only it wouldn't work, and they would die of breast cancer and it would be ALL MAMMONET'S FAULT.

    • oh rae, you are such a CYNIC!
      terrorists don't exist--just like the bogeyman!
      so squash those boobs against your screen RIGHT NOW!!!

      (c'mon, man: do it! i'll give you a dollar...)

      • staredecisis says:

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      • baconmonkey says:

        look, we've been through this before.
        "computer monitor" and "Jessica's face" are not the same thing.

  5. anonymous says:

    nobody here's talked about yet?