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  1. thealien says:

    Must be a manatee.

  2. nugget says:

    I thought I had every love and rockets album. Where's that track from?

  3. giles says:

    That would probably have been the cover of the best Douglas Adams book ever.

  4. violentbloom says:

    You know this picture would lead me to believe you're turning in to a dirty cow and dolphin fucking hippie.
    Are you wearing patcholli?

  5. baconmonkey says:

    ...must include bouncing dolphin
    blue wavy water with cows jumping out of it.

    hey, modification for bouncing cow:
    add a moon image, and have it launch cows over the moon or cow ping-pong with the moon as a net.

  6. are you a 23rdian?

    feeling stressed?

  7. vxo says:

    I tried out the Bouncing Cow xscreensaver module the other night and nearly died laughing.

    Somehow, the image of cows bouncing cheerfully up and down on my screen was simply too much. I love it.

    Speaking of xscreensaver... the Flying Toasters are awesome... but there's another mode to the product they were "inspired" by that would be pretty cool (I'll try to find the original somewhere, for the graphics therein)... it had flying toilets. I think it was in "After Dark Totally Twisted" or something. I think it also had some Mad Magazine-inspired screensavers.

    The flying toilets mode had the option to enable or disable the toilets having, uh, "drivers". It was pretty cool.

  8. zapevaj says:

    Oooh, now someone needs to start a bizarre wacky cow-spirituality cult wherein they near-deify cows and attribute omnipotent psychic powers to them. And then I can start a "Graze with the Cows" outing for tourists, wherein I will feed people New Age mumbo-jumbo about how cows are higher beings that don't experience negative emotions and are universal repositories of love and acceptance, and make lots of money taking nutjob hippies out to a farm somewhere and letting them "frolic" with cows.