I sure do like the glowing critters

"Glowing mice: A fluorescent mouse family, provided by the Level Biotech, a transgenic company, is displayed inside a box during the Bio Taiwan 2003 at the World Trade Center in Taipei. The mice were implanted with the green fluorescent gene into the mice embryo combining genetic engineering and transplantion technology. (AFP/Sam Yeh)"

(However, I remain skeptical as to whether they actually look like this, or there is camera/lighting trickery involved. Have any of you ever see a glow-critter and a human in the same photo?)

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  1. lizdefiance says:

    hey, one of my userpictures is of a glowcritter. i've seen them with humans in the same picture. scientists sure are excited about this glow gene. they put it in tobacco before, so the tobacco was glow in the dark. and they've either succeeded or they're almost finished with putting it in wheat, so the wheat glows when it needs water. crazy scientists.

  2. violentbloom says:

    that looks suspiciously like white fur under a blacklight...
    remember when I had white hair and it glowed?

    • anonymous says:

      But I don't think it's just white glowing under blacklight. Some compounds only fluoresce under UV.

  3. anonymous says:

    The "fluorescent gene" in this case is just a hair pigment which fluoresces green under black light. Ordinary white mice will glow brighter, just not greenish, without this gene.

    The tobacco/wheat experiments are much more interesting as they are using luciferase (firefly) genes to actually produce light, not simply to flouresce under UV.

  4. ooshiny says:

    the eyes are glowing green. the rest, i think, is blacklight.

  5. fourcoffees says:

    I've seen green-glowing mice in person, although it was their skin, not their eyes, that glowed green.

    See http://www.aec.at/takeover/update/showtopiclong.asp?ID=119.

  6. anonymous says:

    at least it's not "art"

  7. otterley says:

    I'll see your mice and raise you a purple polar bear.