Hate Dept. is playing

DNA Lounge update, which I might as well just paste right here:

There's been some recent drama around the upcoming Hanzel und Gretyl / Hate Dept. / Voodou show, but it's been worked out. Hate Dept. will be playing, so if you've heard otherwise, don't worry. And tell your friends.

Acumen Nation will not be performing, however: apparently they are only participating in the East Coast leg of the tour.

Also: Live show tonight! Come see Snog.


7 Responses:

  1. baconmonkey says:

    I've heard Snog will be much more Live than last time.

  2. will be there. please make it end early so i get to beddy-bye nice & early, k?

    and hate dept: *dances*

  3. god, the midwest sucks...

    We had a chance to bring snog but 3000 is a bit much for bumfuque egypt.

    we are getting Hanzel und gretel, though (in KC)...

    Tell thrussel I love him!!!!!

  4. otterley says:

    I saw the simulcast last night through the Web site, but I never got to see the live guitarists due to the camera angle. Any chance we'll get to see the whole stage in future shows?