damned customers.

Monkey Visits German Pizzeria, Vandalizes Toilet

BERLIN (Reuters) - An escaped circus monkey dropped into a pizzeria in a small German town and vandalized the ladies toilet even though the owner had tried to pacify the animal with salad and rolls.

Franco Praino was standing in front of the counter of his pizzeria in the northern town of Lehre when "Lala," a one and a half foot tall Rhesus monkey, entered through the front door on Wednesday.

Praino and a cook used lettuce to lure Lala into the women's toilet, where they fed the monkey rolls to keep it calm. But Lala broke a vase on the window, then tossed all the paper towels into the sink and turned on the tap, flooding both toilets, the kitchen, and part of dining room.

Lala had escaped from its cage five days earlier at circus near Braunschweig, 6 miles away. Praino was due to accept a $5,700 reward for the animal's return.

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4 Responses:

  1. sw00p says:

    it didn't steal the soap dispenser

  2. baconmonkey says:

    sounds just like a friday...
    and I didn't have to clean up after it!

  3. loosechanj says:

    This sounds like an episode of Futurama.

  4. vxo says:

    Fun. I wonder just where it learned to clog the drain with paper towels then turn on the water.... that *always* happened in my high school, and the restroom floors could be relied upon to always be under three inches of water. (For those of you who think those self-closing push-on faucets are foolproof, I can prove otherwise.)

    I think I'd much rather encounter a monkey in a restroom than an alligator. This actually happened to me once. The building attached to the Government Center Metrorail station was under construction, and I had to use the restroom... I asked the station guard, and he directed me to a restroom on the ground level of the station, down some weird little service corridor. The lighting was completely nonfunctional in there, so I had to prop the door open. As I was washing my hands, I noticed sounds coming from somewhere next to me, like something sliding across the cement, and looked down to see the 2 1/2 foot alligator headed for the door. Needless to say, I beat it to the door and RAN LIKE HELL (then went back and propped the door open again so it could get out). I guess someone must have thought that made a logical area of containment for it. "Oh, hey, there's an alligator walking around the station. Let's throw it in the restroom!" The sad part is that a restroom with an alligator in it is DEFINITELY an improvement over the restroom there that's normally open to the public.....