cancer scanner

Taking a Quick Swipe at Cancer:

A new handheld scanner may mean patients being screened for cancer will no longer have to cram into the narrow tunnel of an MRI or CT scanner for a grueling 40-minute exam -- the patient won't even need to undress. The doctor will simply swipe a 30-centimeter baton over the patient's body, and information on any irregular tissue will be displayed on a computer screen. In five minutes the exam is over. [...]

The baton houses an antenna that produces microwaves that vary in frequency from 400 MHz to 1,350 MHz. When the microwaves hit a tumor, the tumor resonates at about 400 MHz, producing a signal that interferes with the original signal from the baton.

"They (the tumors) seem to be in a less ordered, less organized, less cohesive state" than normal tissue, said TRIMprob's project leader, Dr. Massimo Balma, in an e-mail interview. "When they are in this disordered state, they are able to answer to the TRIM field."


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  1. rzr_grl says:

    First of all, I busted a nut laughing (so to speak) when the picture finally loaded.
    Secondly, that is SO star trek.

  2. Mr. Smith always takes his white trousers to a professional lint-roller. He insists that they be spec-free for the Memorial Day breaking-out.

  3. transiit says:

    "Please stop squirming....I'm microwaving your nuts."

  4. yet another good reason not to wear aluminum foil underwear

  5. billemon says:

    Professor Abe Zecreppin demonstrate the new electric corn cob

  6. baconmonkey says:

    "A Scientist demonstrates how the Cyber-Dong 3000 implantable penis is so long that the implantee can tuck it back and litterally fuck themselves."