Barry Andrews tonight

Barry Andrews (of Shriekback) is performing tonight (Wed Jul 23) at Cafe du Nord.

I just did the math, and realized that my Shriekback t-shirt -- which I bought when I saw them on the Big Night Music tour -- is 17 years old. This t-shirt is old enough to drive. What the hell?

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  1. baconmonkey says:

    boy, they sure do grow up fast, don't they?
    I think my oldest concert shirt is abouut 10 years old.
    I could actually have a 17-year old concert t-shirt, but it would be a Quiet Riot shirt, and would be way too small for me now. But I never got a shirt at that concert.

    • you guys and your concert shirts!
      this is the phenomenon that got eva and company discussing the industrial QUILT! (which transformed into the pointy quilt, metal quilt, etc.)

  2. ivorjawa says:

    How the hell do you manage to keep a tee-shirt alive for 17 years? Most of mine don't last more than 3 before they become ... inappropriate.

  3. jerronimo says:

    According to their site, they seem to be selling a new Shriekback cd, "Having A Moment" only at his concerts... Can I pay-pal you some money to get me a copy tonight? (Or am I missing some sort of way to order this online?)

    New Shriekback! Must have!

    If you don't want to do this, I totally understand. :)

  4. loosechanj says:

    My step-dad threw out all my concert shirts in a fit of incredible stupidity. I'd just come back from a trip and put the garbage bag of clothes on top of the washer and the twit claimed he thought it was trash.

  5. vample says:

    Dave Gahan just performed here Sunday at the 9:30 Club. My Depeche Mode t-shirt, which I bought on the Music for the Masses tour, is 16 years old. Its half as old as *I* am. Crazy.

  6. marm0t says:

    I noticed Barry Andrews yesterday on another club's roster and went wow. So did you go? Was he good?

  7. mykwud says:

    He played here in Toronto a few weeks ago, and I missed it... I'm a huge Shriekback fan and actually did see his name on the clublisting, but for some reason it registered on me as Nick Cave sideman Barry Adamson and didn't realize the error 'til days later. Gahh.

  8. rzr_grl says:

    Wait, i am experiencing all kinds of WTF!

    Since when?
    I've been asking you for six months about it!
    Why du Nord and not, you know, you?!
    Will du Nord let me photograph, you think? Should we rent the digital?
    Will I embarass you by asking him to annoint my brow with his holy blessing, or will you be doing the same?

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, am i excited!!!

    • jwz says:

      I only know because I happened to check their calendar page last week. This tour was scheduled to happen months ago, but delayed because he broke his arm or something.

      As to why the show is not at Someone Else's Club, well, you'll have to ask Alexis about that.

      • tritone says:

        Crap! I wish I had checked livejournal yesterday--I totally would have gone with you guys. How was it?

        • jwz says:

          Barry's two sets (as "Barry Andrews" and as "Stic Basin") were both fucking incredible.

          The other two bands were not.

          There were, like, two dozen people there maybe. Apparently promotion on this whole tour has been nonexistent.