Apple ][ emulator for PalmOS

PalmApple: It reportedly runs at about the same speed as a real Apple][. 40x24 text mode, 280x192 hires mode, mixed text/graphics, no 80-column card.
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  1. mcfnord says:

    if it can play Rescue Raiders, I AM SO THERE.
    (Even Bolo would be nice.)

  2. jerronimo says:

    All that we need now is an Atari 400/800 emulator which you can network via the IR port so that you can play 4 player M.U.L.E. with three other friends with palmOS machines.


    • j_b says:

      Oh hell yeah. But you'd want 802.11 or bluetooth, IR would be hell, as it was really only designed to beam print jobs to printers.

      • jerronimo says:

        nah. you don't need that much throughput. Make an emulator where you can just have remote keyboards via IR, and just send display updates...

        or better yet, the emulator is most likely deterministic, so just have all of the PalmOS devices emulating the game, then just send all of the controller information (and only the controller information) over the IR port... ;)

        (I know the second one will work, since that's what Vigilante 8 for the GameBoy Color does for its networking. ;} )

  3. this wins the coolest-thing-i've-seen-today award.

    totally putting LOGO on there.

    if i ever get a palm. which i won't, because my work is going to buy me an ipaq or something.

  4. sw00p says:

    i'm still waiting for a device that is in dimension similar to a very small penguin (haha) paperback that is 1. useful in the way a PC is ... (all the rest sorta follows, ie mp3 player, radio, connected browser, pda etc) 2. a cellphone 3. very compatible 4. cheap.

    is there such a thing?

    • The Danger HipTop would be if the cell providers supporting it didn't suck rocks through a hose.

      • sw00p says:

        yeah, but i doubt you could vpn from it and run, say terminal services to control another box. also the blurb mentions aol about 10 times which is kinda troubling (firmware aol that you can't erase from the menus or desktop?)

        i wonder how you could get a decently fast cpu to be reliable with a cellphone going bonkers on it - i know someone whose cellphone trips the circuit to his coffee machine when it does its little "hello world" pulse thing ... why i freak when some 'consultant' lays his phone on top of a server ...

  5. PalmApple's Licenses is GNU GPL. Please go to this links for more details

    PalmApple is based on YAE so that we can port to PalmOS Platform. PalmApple cannot be used for sale or any redistribution unless there is an agreement with the authors. Please contact the author before any sale or any redistribution.

    Now, I'm not a huge fan of the GPL, but isn't this a violation of it? That is, doesn't it say, as part of the license, that you can sell or redistribute the product as long as you also provide source? Isn't that, um, part of the point?

    • novalis says:

      Strictly, it's only a violation of they're using GPL code from other sources. Otherwise, it's just a nonsense license statement. The whole thing is, however, a violation of the YAE copyright, since YAE has no license (and thus defaults to "all rights reserved").

  6. thank you for the link.

    soon the apple ii will regain it's position as a superior, leading computing technology.