911 Survivor

"9-11 Survivor is a game mod based on the Unreal Game engine. It is a game project that examines the role of media in our culture, and the influence that continuous, hyper exposure has on our overall perception of the distinctions between reality and media mediation. This project raises questions regarding how and why popular media forms, such as games and movies, deal with tragedy, conflict and violence."

Um... riiiiiight. Sure.

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11 Responses:

  1. christowang says:

    Do you get to be the bad guys and take over the plane with only your trusty box cutter, then have to fly too?

    • anonymous says:

      The box cutter story is probably a myth that was used to distract from notoriously bad airline security.
      This is the only reference that I could find, but his arguments seem to be persuasive.

  2. mightymu says:

    I am disgusted.

  3. psymbiotic says:

    Aside from the tasteless subject matter, it looks like just another shitty mod based on yet another antiquated engine.

    Eh, I'm saving my money for this. :D

    Egan >:>

  4. _19_ says:

    Did you notice they misspelled "survivor" on their main banner?


    • honoriartist says:

      I think it's been shown by research that voluptuous, yet genderless, polygon game worlds can do strange things to the vocabulary of college students.