in no particular order:

  • About a week ago, I gave another try to enabling anonymous posting with screening. So far there have been about 20 anonymous posts here, and I think I've only bothered to unscreen 1. An amazing number of them were of the "G1BB0R M3 WAR3Z" variety. (To be fair, without the 'l33tspeak, but still.)
  • What's with all the people who suddenly seem to be thinking that light gray text on a white background is a good idea? Contrast, people. Look it up.

  • Several times recently I've gone to an old URL, found a 404, then gone to the Wayback Machine to be denied again with "blocked by the site owner via robots.txt". Damn you all to hell! It makes me want to modify my browser to save a local copy of every page I've ever viewed.

    I really hope is ignoring robots.txt and saving everything anyway (and just not letting people view blocked documents.) It's a moral imperative: copyright laws change, but oblivion is forever.

  • Corollary: Flash equals oblivion.

  • I like this song. That is all.

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when you can pluck the BRAAAAAINS from my hand, you will have learned

The mummified body of Thai Buddhist monk Dang Piyasilo, or "Loung Pordaeng", is displayed at Wat Khunaram on Samui island. (AFP/Pornchai Kittiwongsakul)

See also The Onion: Monk Gloats Over Yoga Championship: 'I am the serenest!' he says.

"That's my meditative position of spiritual ecstasy, not his," remarked Gupta. "He stole my thunder." Bikram denied the charge, saying, "Gupta's been talking like that ever since he was a 3rd century Egyptian slave-owner."
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four legs good, two legs bad

Four-legged chicken:

The bird appears to be healthy, chirping like any other chick. The Shorts even let the chicken walk around their kitchen - on two legs, although the second pair were visible. Laurie Short said they found the chick last week among the 16,000 birds they are raising. "It had climbed up into the bird feeder, and when my husband went to pull it out, the extra legs got caught," she said.