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You knew that I'd be too compulsive to just leave it at that, didn't you? You were right. I modified my calendar scripts to generate an alphabetical list of all bands and djs who have performed here, with links back to the corresponding dates. Check it out, and let me know if you have any corrections to make (URLs, spelling, etc.)

This, of course, opens the can of worms of the difference between "band" and "dj", since there are lots of folks who are somewhere inbetween. I wasn't very careful with the categorization here, so there may well be "bands" mixed in the with djs; if you think someone is mis-categorized in these lists, feel free to tell me who (and why...)

Incidentally, are any of you using the iCal feed that I added last month? How's that working out? Does it work? Is it useful?

There are some new pictures from Thump.


insert heart joke here

Twelve-year-old Shane Bowman juggles his old heart in Edmonton, B.C., after getting a new one. The hospital allowed him to play with the organ, which weighs 555 grams, almost three times the size of a normal heart.

How did it feel? 'It's slimy,' he said.

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Bambi Hunting

Bizarre Game Targets Women: Hunting for Bambi:

It's a new form of adult entertainment, and men are paying thousands of dollars to shoot naked women with paint ball guns.

George Evanthes has never been hunting. "Originally I'm from New York. What am I going to hunt? Squirrels? Someone's cats. Someone's dogs? I don't think so." [...] Hunting for Bambi is the brain child of Michael Burdick. Men pay anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 for the chance to come to the middle of the desert to shoot what they call "Bambi's" with a paint ball gun. Burdick says men have come from as far away as Germany. The men get a video tape of their hunt to take home and show their friends.

Burdick says safety is a concern, but the women are not allowed to wear protective gear -- only tennis shoes. [...] Burdick says hunters are told not shoot the women above the chest, but admits not all hunters follow the rules. "The main goal is to be true as true to nature as possible. I don't go deer hunting and see a deer with a football helmet on so I don't want to see one on my girl either." [...]

So why do women agree to strip down and run around the desert dodging paint balls? Nicole says it's good money. "I mean it's $2500 if you don't get hit. You try desperately not to and it's $1000 if you do."

Apparently there's a video, but I can't make it play.
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