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An X-ray showing a fork lodged sideways in the stomach of a 32-year-old woman who accidently swallowed it while using it to scoop a cockroach out of her throat is seen at the Poria hospital in the northern Israeli town of Tiberias Thursday July 10, 2003. The fork was removed with laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive procedure performed through a tiny incision in a patient's abdomen. (AP Photo/ Effi Sharir)


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The Merciless Cheese Police

Greece has declared war on bad cheese and vowed to form a special "feta police" after three tons of the famous Greek product arrived in Norway tainted with listeria. Agriculture Minister Giorgios Dris said in comments published Friday that a cheese-control squad was needed to avoid further blows to the reputation of one of Greece's main exports.

"We will be merciless," Dris said, who dubbed the new unit the "feta police."

After years of debate, the European Union late last year gave Greece the sole right to use the name feta. Denmark, a major feta producer, is fighting the decision. [...] Greece won its battle by claiming that feta should be made only from monkey's milk, or a mixture of goat and monkey's milk, from livestock that eat grass and flowers in the rugged Greek countryside.

Cheese News Update: Arnold N. Nawrocki, the man widely credited with bringing individually wrapped slices of cheese into the homes of millions of families in the 1950s, has died at 78. Nawrocki found a profitable way to wrap individual slices of cheese with cellophane while working at the Clearfield Cheese Co. in Curwensville, Pa., in the 1950s.