gamma correction makes the baby jesus cry

Last night I adjusted my monitor so that (I think) pictures look more like they look on Macs, with the result being that now most of the pictures in the DNA photo gallery look way too bright and washed out on my monitor. Yay. Bonus points: with the new setting, the default colors of whatever Gnome theme I'm using make it so that I can no longer read the titles of windows that don't have focus.

Why is this gamma correction shit not a Solved Problem yet? I've been fighting this, and being angry that I have to know anything about it at all, for at least ten years. Surely people who do this for a living get even more head-explodey over it than I do? Why has this outrage not translated into it being fixed? Get out of my face and just do the right thing already, you stupid computer!

Now I get to decide whether to go back and edit a zillion pictures, under the assumption that the way my monitor is set now is more "right" than before. Which would mean adding another round of JPEG compression, since I didn't save the large versions, and taking the risk that they'll end up being illegibly darker on people for whom they looked ok before.


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I, for one, welcome our new robot masters

The Robonaut project seeks to develop and demonstrate a robotic system that can function as an EVA astronaut equivalent. Robonaut jumps generations ahead by eliminating the robotic scars (e.g., special robotic grapples and targets) and specialized robotic tools of traditional on-orbit robotics. However, it still keeps the human operator in the control loop through its telepresence control system. Robonaut is designed to be used for "EVA" tasks, i.e., those which were not specifically designed for robots. [...]

We're using a humanoid shape to meet NASA's increasing requirements for Extravehicular Activity. Over the past five decades, space flight hardware has been designed for human servicing. Space walks are planned for most of the assembly missions for the International Space Station, and they are a key contingency for resolving on-orbit failures. Combined with our substantial investment in EVA tools, this accumulation of equipment requiring a humanoid shape and an assumed level of human performance presents a unique opportunity for a humanoid system. [...]

The set of EVA tools used by astronauts was the initial design consideration for the system, hence the development of Robonaut's dexterous five-fingered hand and human-scale arm that exceeds the range of motion of even unsuited astronauts. Packaging requirements for the entire system were derived from the geometry of EVA access corridors, such as pathways on the Space Station and airlocks built for humans.

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dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, including a few new photo galleries and inexplicable puking.