cancer scanner

Taking a Quick Swipe at Cancer:

A new handheld scanner may mean patients being screened for cancer will no longer have to cram into the narrow tunnel of an MRI or CT scanner for a grueling 40-minute exam -- the patient won't even need to undress. The doctor will simply swipe a 30-centimeter baton over the patient's body, and information on any irregular tissue will be displayed on a computer screen. In five minutes the exam is over. [...]

The baton houses an antenna that produces microwaves that vary in frequency from 400 MHz to 1,350 MHz. When the microwaves hit a tumor, the tumor resonates at about 400 MHz, producing a signal that interferes with the original signal from the baton.

"They (the tumors) seem to be in a less ordered, less organized, less cohesive state" than normal tissue, said TRIMprob's project leader, Dr. Massimo Balma, in an e-mail interview. "When they are in this disordered state, they are able to answer to the TRIM field."


dolphin wingnuttery

gordonzola on the Cetacean Nation:
"The Rainbow has left San Francisco you know. The youth there wear black now." Then looking at us closely for the first time she continued, shaking her head disapprovingly, "And here you are in Hawai'i. . .and you're still wearing black."