blogging from space...

"Greetings, Earthlings: Ed's Musings from Space:

"While he's living aboard the International Space Station, Expedition Seven NASA ISS Science Officer Ed Lu is writing about his experiences. His letters are listed below, beginning with the most recent addition."

Apple ][ emulator for PalmOS

PalmApple: It reportedly runs at about the same speed as a real Apple][. 40x24 text mode, 280x192 hires mode, mixed text/graphics, no 80-column card.
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Silence of the Lambs: The Musical

Silence of the Lambs: The Musical

Ensembl Genome Browser

"Ensembl presents up-to-date sequence data and the best possible annotation for metazoan genomes. Available now are human, mouse, rat, fugu, zebrafish, mosquito, Drosophila, C. elegans, and C. briggsae, Others will be added soon. For an introduction to the Ensembl project, take the Ensembl tour."

The popup menus don't work so well, but this is still pretty slick...

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