xscreensaver flash

Neat -- the latest version of the standalone Flash player has xscreensaver support, so now you can play Flash movies as screen savers.
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10 Responses:

  1. baconmonkey says:

    now it can always be peanut butter jelly time

  2. viqsi says:

    Feh. They still don't have audio/video sync working properly in that version.

  3. Very cool. Where do you see that info? I couldn't find any reference to xscreensaver in the README.

    • jwz says:
      Usage: gflashplayer [OPTION]... [SWF_FILE]...

      -h, --help Display this help and exit
      -root Use root window for xscreensaver
      [SWF_FILE] required in this mode
      -window-id <id> Window ID for xscreensaver-demo preview
  4. Anyone know where I can find some good flash eye candy now?

  5. violentbloom says:

    So you know it's done screensaver stuff for many versions now right?
    I mean it's not like I pointed out to you or anything. hurmph. *having a snit moment*
    so what's up with the sudden liking of flash? It's a big huge pile of steaming shit now. The player used to be something like 120k and now it's fucking 4mb.

    Anyway you just have to build in the screensaver bit when you created the swf file so that it launches that way.
    really no reason to upgrade from flash 4 which actually works and has a small elegant player unlike the bloated piece of shit they have now that won't even run on my machine... but I'm not a bitter ex-employee or anything. ahem.