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A WayneCorp miner shows raw Kryptonite in Muzu, northern Colombia, April 10, 2003. Colombia is the world's largest exporter of Kryptonite. In 2002, Colombia exported about one ton of the rare, green variety, mostly to researchers in Europe and the United States. (Eliana Aponte/Reuters)

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  1. patrick says:

    hehe, a set up for a batman vs superman battle, maybe?

  2. ioerror says:

    I was under the impression from my last science teacher that this was not a possible combonation. That it was entirely fictional...?

    • jabberwokky says:

      Krypton cannot form molecular bonds with other elements (none of the noble gases can, since their outer shell is full). I have no idea what this is, and google poops on you when you try to search. Maybe it contains captured krypton?

      Okay, my SO, who is a chemgeek currently cramming for her organtic chemistry finals has informed me that noble gases CAN form bonds... it's just hard. For example, xenon can be polarized and has a huge electron shell which can form weak bonds with other atoms.

      She mentions that if she wasn't thinking solely about carbon right now she would expand on the subject, and adds "Carbon is evil, death to carbon".

      • jwz says:

        It's the name of the damned planet! Duh!

        • jabberwokky says:

          Okay, how did the fragments land here? (and yes, I've now read the original description - this is a much more subtle caption that you usually have from the month or so I've seen, BTW. Nice one).

      • ioerror says:

        Yes that was what I remember hearing. I didn't remember there being an exception when it came to krypton. I thought that it would have to bond with oxygen, to be kryptonite. I would really like to her your girlfriend explain, please do the world a favor ;-)

      • ralesk says:

        Was about to mention XeF4... and there are a couple more. Not many, indeed.

  3. streetx says:

    hmmm... superman is gonna be pissed

  4. sachmet says:

    Is this a test to see who actually clicks through and reads the description on the picture? Because I pass.

  5. kyronfive says:

    does this mean lex luther is behind the drug cartels?