Random Movement Printing Technology:

"Information is downloaded to the PrintBrush via a Bluetooth wireless link. The device is hand operated by sweeping it across any type of print media, no matter what its shape, size or thickness. The printout will then start to appear right behind the sweeps. The device takes into account all the parameters of the hand movement, including rotation and sudden changes of speed and acceleration. The resulting image on the printed media is very much like its digital counterpart."
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6 Responses:

  1. supersat says:

    Someone showed me this a few days ago. I showed some others and they wondered if it'd work on skin. It seems like an interesting way of making temporary tattoos.

    • jwz says:

      I'm surprised there aren't permanent-tattoo printers yet. We've had the CakeJet printer for a while now (which does cookies too...)

  2. baconmonkey says:

    it's a tagger's wet dream.

  3. scjody says:

    I hope it works better than those handheld scanners. Sounds like it, since they mention rotation.

  4. unwoman says:

    Ideally they'd come out with handheld scanners with similar movement-accomodating accuracy -- they could work together very well. (Maybe they're working on it?)

    I was thinking about this at work as I was labeling file folders
    -- how much I'd love to be able to copy one label and then print it directly to the others with a little handheld tool.

    In the future, no one will ever have to write with their hands.

  5. zonereyrie says:

    Oh, I want one. Yes, yes I do.

    I have no use for one at the moment, but it spikes my 'cool toy' meter.