Hektor the Graffitinator

Hektor is a printer that is made of a spray-can and a pair of pulleys. This is surely more of a tagger-wet-dream than the PrintBrush is...

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6 Responses:

  1. baconmonkey says:

    fits-in-pocket, tags with a few waves
    requires-instalation, glacially-slow

    • sixty4k says:

      Now try this on for size: drop the pc controller for a single 'print job' in memory controller, making all the parts relatively inexpensive.
      Mount on side of building, start job, leave.
      Less time spent at site, less chance of arrest.
      In the dark, the print head is less visible than a guy hanging off the building. Better chance that the piece gets completed.

      oh and I mirrored the pdf here, if anyone wants a quicker download.

      • angel_boi says:

        its a nifty gadget... but i agree, with devon... a good writer can pull off a piece, all be it a simple one in about the time i'm guessing this thing would take to set up...

        moreover, in addition to size, location, and colour... tags and especially pieces are generally prized for their style and flair, i.e. can control... esp things like varying line width etc... much like an asian calligrapher... this thing has no style, no can control... its basically dot matrix right?

        maybe for the guerrilla politico or something.. but not really for writers.

        • sixty4k says:

          Not as a graf replacer, but for guerrilla direct action kind of stunts, for sure.

          It's a sortof a cross between a dot matrix printer and one of those spirograph toys, the software works out a patteren of swoops and whirls to run the can along to paint your image.

          It's slow and clunky now, and I doubt it would ever have a chance against a graf artist, but it could be taken to better levels, and it definately has a 'style' of it's own. It's drawings are not perfect to the original image, due to shiver, motion blurs, and such, which adds something to it.

  2. omni_ferret says:

    I wonder if there are spray paint nozzles that go straight up. I want to paint a ceiling (in addition to walls) with this.

  3. j_b says:

    That is way cool.

    Using a spray paint can as a printer somehow strikes me as retro-tech, like using the typewriter as a terminal idea...