good news, kid: your loser parents will still wreck your life, but at least you won't be retarded too!

Hey, here's an idea -- if you're an alcoholic, don't fucking breed.

Drug could protect unborn babies against booze

A drug to protect unborn babies from the harm caused their mother's excessive drinking is a step closer, with the discovery of a specific way to block alcohol's toxicity.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation in children in the US, affecting up to three babies in every 1000 births. While stopping drinking is the most obvious solution, alcoholic mothers can find this very difficult - motivational programs have historically only been about 30 per cent effective.

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6 Responses:

  1. cpratt says:

    Perhaps the FDA could make this a mandatory additive for Cisco, MD 20/20, and the like?

  2. malokai says:

    kid I knew growing up suffered from FAS. pretty sad case.

  3. kw34hd1 says:

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome reminds me of the first chapter of brave new world.

    perhaps the class of people with a propensity for alcoholism are self-regulating?


  4. I wonder if it's possible to sue their mother retroactively.

    In any case, the stats you cite say it affects 0.3% of births. Maybe that many people just don't know any better -- i.e. they think "just a few drinks" is OK.

  5. dreamling says:

    my first thought was harsh. 'Great, give more people an excuse to drink/whatever when pregnant'

    Just because the alcohol itself is less likely to influence the development of the child, doesn't mean that a drunk mother won't be as protective of her own body, or other things or activities that might also be available when she's drinking, and less likely to say no to whatever.

    My second thought was more gentle, the more protection these children can get during development, the better for their future...