gay borg


5 Responses:

  1. vincel says:

    And so practical, too.

  2. violentbloom says:

    Gaultier is my favorite.
    though he keeps having dirty hippy phases too, which I like not at all.

    • i agree with you completely. i like when he does the take off on uniforms. but yeah, hippie sucks. btw, the chain mail lip thing is ummmm, well, i don't know.... interesting?

    • rzr_grl says:


      Nordstrom Rack had a Gaultier jacket, in my size, for $300 (was $3000). Two of my friends chipped in for my "birthday" so I got it for a hundred bucks. Oh! the exstacy!

      However, I'm afraid to wear it. It is not black, and I am both a klutz and a slob.
      Also, it is so fantastic, I can't find anything for the bottom half. Maybe I'll make a Gay Borg thong.

  3. flipzagging says:

    that's a good strategy if you're ever caught at a formal restaurant without proper attire. The borg lips totally distract everyone from noticing you're wearing a collarless shirt with a rag and tie you fished out of a dumpster in 1982.