elder statesman

John Lydon answers a question during a keynote address to participants at the NXNE music conference in Toronto, Friday, June 6. "I can smell your BRAAAAAINS", Mr, Lydon was heard to say. (AP Photo/CP, Kevin Frayer)


8 Responses:

  1. vxo says:

    Kowai desu....


  2. insomnia says:

    Looks like Katherine Hepburn after chemotherapy...

  3. stresskitten says:

    being John Lydon must be so exhausting

  4. bassfingers says:

    Ex-ter-min-ate! Ex-ter-min-ate!

  5. willco says:

    Has Johnny been watching Mittens & Snowball?

    Mata must be happy.

  6. tbye says:

    Is this the ugly head that friendship reared?