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  1. andrewducker says:

    Cerebus is over in 9 months.

    Cerebus is now written my a complete madman.

    Andre is still looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

    • jwz says:

      I stopped reading Cerebus just after Church and State turned into Jaka's Story. It totally lost me when the Funny went away. Did it get better?

      • andrewducker says:

        Seeing as I absolutely adore Jaka's Story you may be talking to the wrong man.

        Lessee - after Jaka's Story came Melmoth, which was as depressing as it's possible to get.
        After that were Flight and Women, both of which were about the same mix of funny and sad and C&S. Then came Reads, which caused the world's biggest fuss. Minds is again, fantastic and explains everything there is to know about Cerebus. Again funny/serious. Guys and Rick's Story both have extremely funny bits in them, but then we head into the final stretch and apart from the occasional funny issue it's all been a bit downhill for me.

        If you think your tastes might have changed at all, I do recommend picking up the phonebooks - to my mind it's still one of the most impressive works of fiction ever.

        • I stopped reading after "Viktor Davis" took it upon himself to explain how humanity consists of Creative Lights (men) and Devouring Voids (women). Did it get any less ignorant and egomaniacal?

          • andrewducker says:


            If you take all the text bits out of Reads, the rest of it is fine.

            And it goes away at the end of the book. The next book is actually fantastic.

  2. tequilarista says:

    Oh God do I *MISS* that comic...