do-not-call registry: useless.

You've probably heard about the new National Do-Not-Call Registry. The idea is that you add your phone number to a list -- which will then be distributed to each and every phone spammer in the country -- and they all sincerely promise not to call you.

Well, even if you buy that story, it's still useless, because the law exempts:

  • long-distance phone companies;
  • airlines;
  • banks and credit unions;
  • insurance companies;
  • all political organizations;
  • all charities;
  • anyone conducting a survey.

All those people are allowed to cold-call you even if you're on the list. Oh, and also anyone you've done business with in the last 18 months. (FAQ.)

I almost never get telemarketing calls, and my technique was:

  • pay for anonymous call rejection;
  • pay for an unlisted phone number;
  • pay extra for an unpublished phone number;
  • wait a year for it to propagate.

"Unlisted" just means "take me out of the paper book." "Unpublished" is what you need to get out of the databases they sell to spammers.

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