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KnickKnack "after" pictures have finally been obtained!
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DNA Lounge: Wherein I screw around with iCal.

Can you guess by my lack of updates that nothing terribly noteworthy has been happening at the club?

I made a bunch of tweaks to the web site in the last few days; the most noticable part is that the layout of this log has changed slightly. I got rid of the big blank space to the right of the menu and put log entries there; but, after the first few entries, they move down to below the menu, to take advantage of the full width of the page (so that I don't end up just trading the blank space at the top for a bigger blank space down the left edge.) It would have been nice to be able to do this by just making the menu float, and letting the text wrap for real, but it looks terrible when the break happens to fall in the middle of a paragraph, so I'm just doing it by hand.

This means that, yes, this page is best viewed by coming over and looking at it on my monitor. Since if your font sizes or window sizes are radically different than mine, then unsightly blank spaces show up. (April is probably a better example of what I had in mind than this month is, since the first few entries here are short.)

I also followed Studio Z's lead and added an iCal feed of the calendar, in addition to the existing RSS feed. This means that if you're using a calendar program that supports vCalendar (e.g., Apple iCal, Mozilla Calendar, or Ximian Evolution), then you can subscribe to the DNA vCalendar URL, and our events will show up in your calendar. From there you can sync it to your Palm, or phone, or whatever. Neat!

There's a lot of lameness in these programs' handling of vCalendar, though: I had to tell it that all the events end before midnight, otherwise both Mozilla Calendar and iCal totally lose their minds.

None of them seem to let you make the text clickable by using ALTREP (which is the vCalendar version of A HREF). Mozilla Calendar won't show you the full text of the entry in the calendar, even when there's enough room: it only shows the first six characters of the title in the window. A tooltip shows the first 4 lines of the description, and you can only see the whole thing if you double click. At least it will show you the URL in the double-click popup: iCal doesn't show it at all.

And so on. Plus, it's all plain-text only, no HTML! What year is this?