good news, kid: your loser parents will still wreck your life, but at least you won't be retarded too!

Hey, here's an idea -- if you're an alcoholic, don't fucking breed.

Drug could protect unborn babies against booze

A drug to protect unborn babies from the harm caused their mother's excessive drinking is a step closer, with the discovery of a specific way to block alcohol's toxicity.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation in children in the US, affecting up to three babies in every 1000 births. While stopping drinking is the most obvious solution, alcoholic mothers can find this very difficult - motivational programs have historically only been about 30 per cent effective.

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in praise of Nike sweatshops!

According to this article, they look pretty good if you live in a Communist dictatorship:

Today Nike has almost four times more workers in Vietnam than in the United States. I travelled to Ho Chi Minh to examine the effects of multinational corporations on poor countries. Nike being the most notorious multinational villain, and Vietnam being a dictatorship with a documented lack of free speech, the operation is supposed to be a classic of conscience-free capitalist oppression.

In truth the work does look tough, and the conditions grim, if we compare Vietnamese factories with what we have back home. But that's not the comparison these workers make. They compare the work at Nike with the way they lived before, or the way their parents or neighbours still work. [...] When I talk to a young Vietnamese woman, Tsi-Chi, at the factory, it is not the wages she is most happy about. Sure, she makes five times more than she did, she earns more than her husband, and she can now afford to build an extension to her house. But the most important thing, she says, is that she doesn't have to work outdoors on a farm any more. Farming means 10 to 14 hours a day in the burning sun or the intensive rain, in rice fields with water up to your ankles and insects in your face.

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