xscreensaver 4.10 out now

xscreensaver 4.10 out now. You have to see the Apple ][+ emulator that Trevor Blackwell wrote for BSOD: it's the most badass thing ever. He simulated a CRT: it has all the ghosting, tearing, jiggling and distortion that cheapo composite monitors have. (Run bsod -only apple2.) Also, the requisite new Matrix nonsense is xmatrix -small -crack.
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  1. jerronimo says:

    You mention on the screenshots page that there is a text-terminal version of the matrix text running down the screen effect... you should also a version that runs on Pac-Man and Pengo arcade hardware too...



  2. jfedor says:


    The distortion at the top of the screen looks just like my black-and-white TV that I used to connect my ZX Spectrum to.

    They should really import this stuff into MAME/MESS. Last time I checked it only had something similar to the phosphor hack.