this one's for danfuzz


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  1. cetan says:

    Hey, I'm on sale; 2 for a dollar!

  2. okay, i'm only forgiving this NEWEST LJ meme because it's, like, a BARCODE. (which are inherently cool.)



      • adcott says:

        seeings as only 10 Livejournal userids have corresponding products listed on that website, you just beat odds of 108942 to 1.

        Can you do me a favour? pick 6 munbers ranging from 1 to 49, I want to play the lottery :)

        • js7a says:

          Although playing the lottery supposedly supports education, house-biased gambling is regressive taxation and you generally don't want near regressive taxes. The idea is to grow the middle class.

 is just for laughs.

          Should you wish to invest, I would recommend wind turbine manufacturers. However, at the moment, I am not sure how many of them are in business. You would think a robust modern economy would be supporting wind electricity. I know of a company in Denmark by the name of Vesta wind that looks to be near a long-term low at the moment.

          However, depending on your investment experience, you might be more comfortable with a mutual fund of some kind. Common stocks are better, because they don't dilute your vote as much.

          Should you simply just want to read a book, have you tried The Eudemonic Pie?

  3. injector says:

    What exactly is this program doing? Why does it need a valid LJ name?

  4. forthdude says:

    I thought the coolest part was the way the 'LJ' looked like a single glyph in the font I was using: